Penny Plan

The Mack Penny Plan

America is on the brink of a fiscal crisis unlike any we’ve ever seen, yet Washington continues its spending-taxing-borrowing binge. We’ve seen this time and again: Senator Bill Nelson, President Obama and their lockstep liberal allies in Congress have gone on spending sprees with the federal government’s credit card, charging taxpayers for everything from bailouts to failed “stimulus” plans to Obamacare. With your help, I will put a stop to it in the United States Senate.

Did you know that for every $2 Washington collects it spends $3 by borrowing the rest? It’s this kind of out-of-control spending that has created the largest debt in our nation’s history, and it’s this kind of irresponsible management that has led to the downgrade of America’s credit rating.

But I have a plan to cut spending and balance the federal budget, one penny at a time.

The Mack Penny Plan would balance the federal budget in eight years by cutting one penny out of every federal dollar spent for six years and capping spending at 18% of GDP beginning in the seventh year. If Congress fails to make the necessary cuts, the plan triggers automatic, across-the-board cuts to meet the yearly caps.

All told, The Mack Penny Plan would  save taxpayers $7.5 trillion over the next decade, and ensure our children inherit America’s promise of freedom, security and prosperity.

The Mack Penny Plan is co-sponsored by 70 Members of Congress, 11 U.S. Senators, and supported by leading conservative groups such as Freedom Works and the National Taxpayer Union.

If we don’t act now to get America’s fiscal house in order, our economy could be crippled indefinitely, threatening our way of life. Congressman Mack is working to bring accountability to Washington and to give our children and grandchildren economic freedom and a brighter future. Join the fight to cut spending and balance the federal budget.